China supplier USA Qsb6.7 Diesel Engine Part Belt Tensioner Pulley 3976834/3957434 near me manufacturer

Product Description

Product Description:

Solution Name United states CZPT Qsb6.7 Tensioner belt pulley
Parts Number 3976834/3957434
Excess weight 1.65kg
Warranty six months
Packing Genuine Packing/Neutral Packing
Shipping and delivery Times 7 Times

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HangZhou Xinghong  Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional export Construction Diesel engine parts.Common Rail fuel System(Fuel Pump.Injector),Turbocharger,Filters…

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D6D, D6E, D7D, D7E Engine Spare Parts.

4TNE94, 4TNE98 Engine Spare Parts.


All Spare Areas for CZPT Engines Accessible
EQB125 EQB140 EQB160 EQB180 EQB210        
4BTA3.9 4B3.9 4BT3.nine 4BTAA3.nine          
6BTA5.nine 6BTAA5.nine 6BT5.9            
C230 C245 C260 C280 C300 6CTA8.three 6CTAA8.three 6CT9.5 6CTAA9.5
L270 L280 L290 L300 L315 L325 L340 L360 L375
6LTAA8.9 6LTAA8.9              
QSB4.5 QSB6.7              
QSL8.9-C220 QSL8.9-C240 QSL8.9-C260 QSL8.9-C280 QSL8.9-C295 QSL8.9-C300 QSL8.9-C325 QSL8.9-C340 QSL8.9-C360
ISLe270 ISLe290 ISLe310 ISLe315 ISLe325 ISLe340 ISLe360 ISLe375 ISLe400
ISB3.9-125E40A ISB3.9-140E40A ISB3.9-160E40A            
GSZ13-C525 GSZ13-C550 GSZ13-C575 GSZ13-C450 GSZ13-C475 GSZ13-C500 GSZ13-G2 GSZ13-G3  
ISDe140 ISDe160 ISDe180 ISDe185 ISDe198 ISDe200 ISDe210 ISDe230 ISDe245
ISDe270 ISDe285 ISDe300            
K19-G2-TA K19-G3-TA K19-G4-TA K19-G5-TA K19-G6-TA K19-G6A-TA      
K38-G2-TA K38-G2A-TA K38-G5-TA K38-G9-TA K38-G9A-TA        
K50-G3-TA K50-G8-TA              
M11 GSK19 QSK38            
NTA855-G-TA NTA855-G1-TA NTA855-G1A-TA NTA855-G2-TA NTA855-G2A-TA        
ISM340E ISM380E ISM405E ISM440E ISM308 ISM345 ISM420 ISM335 ISM360
ISME380 ISME11E4 ISME11E5            
QSM11-G GSM11-G3/four GSM11            
ISF2.8s4107p ISF2.8s4129p ISF2.8s4129T ISF2.8s4148T ISF2.8s4161p ISF3.8s3141 ISF3.8s3154 ISF3.8s3168  
QSX15-600 QSX15-440 QSX15-425 QSX15-375 QSX15-360        
QSC8.3-340 QSC8.3-320 QSC8.3-300 QSC8.3-280 QSC8.3-260 QSC8.3-240      
B3.3-85 B3.3-80 B3.3-sixty five B3.3-sixty QSB3.3-80 QSB3.3-85 QSB3.3-ninety nine QSB3.3-110  


Racks are used to convert rotary motion into linear motion. The spur teeth of the rack cut into one encounter of the sq. or round rod part and function with the pinion, which is a small cylindrical gear that meshes with the rack. Typically, racks and pinions are collectively referred to as “rack and pinion”.
The purpose powering the rack is to convert rotational movement into linear movement, the rack runs by way of a pinion (a cylindrical gear that meshes with the rack), so this set up is usually referred to as a rack and pinion. When managing gears and racks, gear oil is also extremely suggested to enhance overall performance and longevity. We also stock a extensive variety of metric spur gears and supply practically every single electricity transmission solution on the marketplace

China supplier USA Qsb6.7 Diesel Motor Element Belt Tensioner Pulley 3976834/3957434     near me company