China manufacturer Tensioner Pulley 4572003270 for Mercedes Benz V Ribbed Belt 4572003870 near me factory

Merchandise Description

Product spections :

MERCEDES-BENZ 4572057170
MERCEDES-BENZ 4572003870
MERCEDES-BENZ 541200 0571
MERCEDES-BENZ 9062003870
MERCEDES-BENZ 4572003270
MERCEDES-BENZ 457 two hundred 32 70

Description :

one. The tensioner is a belt tensioner used in the auto transmission method. The pressure pulley is primarily composed of a set shell, a rigidity arm, a wheel human body, a torsion spring, a rolling bearing and a spring sleeve. It can immediately modify the stress drive according to the diverse tightness of the belt to make the transmission program secure, safe and dependable.

two. The major operate of the tensioner bearing is to assist the mechanical CZPT body.

3.Decrease the friction coefficient throughout its movement and guarantee its rotation accuracy.

four.Adjust sliding friction into rolling friction.


A rack is a portion of a cylindrical disk with an infinite radius, the area of which is lower with involute teeth. The racks are especially mated to spur gears with the identical module, strain angle, and favored confront width. EP delivers racks in a assortment of materials, configurations, modules, and lengths. A unique characteristic of our racks is that most of them occur with completed items. This variety of creation allows several racks to be linked end to conclude to create a constant size of racks. Many of our offerings permit for secondary operations this kind of as shortening lengths, including threaded holes, or making use of warmth treatment. Our products also incorporate goods that have finished some of these secondary operations.
Racks, when employed with spur gears, transform rotational motion to linear motion. EP Gear’s racks are developed to operate with our stock 14 1/2° and 20° PA spur gears. Typically, racks are modified to fit certain programs. This may possibly include drilling and tapping mounting holes, reducing to a distinct size, or matching the ends of two racks to create a lengthier constant length than stock.

China manufacturer Tensioner Pulley 4572003270 for Mercedes Benz V Ribbed Belt 4572003870     near me factory