China Good quality DIN Standard Taper Bore Timing Belt Pulley 8m-30 near me manufacturer

Item Description

XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.HUA Chain Group is the most expert manufacturer of energy transmission in China, manufacturing roller chains, industry sprockets, motorbike sprockets, casting sprockets, distinct kind of couplings, pulleys, taper bushes, locking gadgets, gears, shafts, CNC precision elements and so on. We have handed ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949 this kind of good quality and enviroment certification.

DIN Normal Taper Bore Timing Belt Pulley 8M-thirty
We can offer high qualitty timing-belt pulleys
Normal pulley with solitary groove
Casting iron
Jointly with timing belts
Different material: Aluminium and so forth.
Tooth Quantity: 22 24 26 28 thirty 32 34 36 38 forty 44 forty eight fifty six sixty four seventy two 80 90 112 one hundred forty four
Extensive of Belt: 30mm
Pitch: 8mm

Item Descripition Quantity of Enamel Kind Bush Size Substance Dp De Df Dm Di F S R Excess weight kg
22-8M-30 22 5FB 1008 Solid Iron fifty six.02 fifty four.65 sixty.00 forty one 28 22 6 .24
24-8M-thirty 24 6FB 1108 Forged Iron 61.twelve 59.seventy five 66.00 42 38 22 sixteen .38
26-8M-thirty 26 7FB 1108 Forged Iron 66.21 64.84 seventy one.00 46 38 22 16 .forty five
28-8M-thirty 28 8FB 1108 Cast Iron 71.thirty 70.08 seventy five.00 fifty 38 twenty five thirteen .fifty
30-8M-thirty 30 1FB 1615 Solid Iron 76.39 75.thirteen 83.00 38 38 .55
32-8M-30 32 2FB 1615 Solid Iron eighty one.49 80.16 87.00 38 38 .fifty nine
34-8M-30 34 3FB 1615 Forged Iron 86.fifty eight 85.22 91.00 38 38 .seventy seven
36-8M-30 36 4FB 1615 Solid Iron ninety one.67 90.thirty ninety eight.50 38 38 .96
38-8M-30 38 5FB 1615 Solid Iron ninety six.77 ninety five.39 103.00 38 38 1.15
forty-8M-30 40 6FB 1615 Forged Iron a hundred and one.86 100.forty nine 106.00 38 38 1.34
forty four-8M-30 44 4FB 2012 Cast Iron 112.05 110.67 119.00 ninety one 38 32 three one.33
forty eight-8M-30 forty eight 5FB 2012 Forged Iron 122.23 120.86 127.00 ninety five 38 32 3 one.78
fifty six-8M-30 56 6FB 2012 Solid Iron 142.sixty 141.23 148.00 117 38 32 3 three.76
sixty four-8M-thirty 64 8FB 2517 Cast Iron 162.97 161.sixty 168.00 a hundred twenty five 38 45 seven four.twenty
seventy two-8M-30 72 8FW 2517 Forged Iron 183.35 181.ninety seven 192.00 a hundred twenty five 158 38 45 7 4.30
80-8M-30 eighty 8W 2517 Forged Iron 203.seventy two 202.35 125 a hundred and eighty 38 forty five 7 4.60
ninety-8M-thirty ninety 8A 2517 Cast Iron 229.eighteen 227.eighty one a hundred twenty five 204 38 45 7 five.00
112-8M-30 112 8A 2517 Forged Iron 285.21 283.eighty three   one hundred twenty five 260 38 45 seven 6.20
144-8M-30 one hundred forty four 8A 2517 Forged Iron 366.sixty nine 365.32   125 341 38 45 seven 9.00

The goal powering the rack is to change rotational motion into linear movement, the rack operates through a pinion (a cylindrical gear that meshes with the rack), so this set up is frequently referred to as a rack and pinion. When working gears and racks, equipment oil is also extremely advisable to enhance overall performance and longevity. We also stock a extensive assortment of metric spur gears and offer almost every electricity transmission solution on the marketplace
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China Good quality DIN Standard Taper Bore Timing Belt Pulley 8m-30     near me manufacturer