China factory Belt Conveyor Take up Conveyor Pulley with high quality

Product Description

Variety Belt width(mm) Standard Diameter(mm) Duration(mm)
Drive Pulley           five hundred 500

Length of the pulley depends on 

the belt width of the conveyor 

650 500~630
800 630~a thousand
1000 800~1150
1200 800~1150
1400 one thousand~1350
1600 1150~1600
1800 1150~1800
2000 1350~2000
2200 1600~2200
2400 1800~2400
Bend Pully           500 250~five hundred
650 250~630
800 250~a thousand
one thousand 250~1600
1200 250~1600
1400 315~1600
1600 400~1600
1800 400~1600
2000 five hundred~1600
2200 630~1600
2400 800~1600


The goal powering the rack is to convert rotational movement into linear movement, the rack runs through a pinion (a cylindrical equipment that meshes with the rack), so this set up is typically referred to as a rack and pinion. When running gears and racks, equipment oil is also hugely advised to boost efficiency and longevity. We also stock a vast selection of metric spur gears and supply virtually every power transmission product on the market place
EP implements strict top quality handle through the producing cycle. Complete engineering knowledge allows us to give extra design reviews and/or worth engineering solutions to attain manufacturing performance targets. An on-internet site class 10000 cleanroom is employed for screening, assembly, and packaging. EP and customer authorized casting, heat managing, plating, and portray services. We can equipment a assortment of supplies including aluminum, brass, bronze, metal alloys, stainless steel, and titanium.

China factory Belt Conveyor Take up Conveyor Pulley     with high quality