China Custom CZPT Iron Separation Conveyor Drum Pulley for Wholesale with Great quality

Product Description

For wholesale CZPT ferrous separation conveyor drum and pulley 

Merchandise Description

HangZhou CZPT production a wide selection of Exceptional Earth/NeFeB and Ferrite CZPT separation drums/Pulleys.These iron separation drum Pulleys are broadly used to remove tramp iron combined with the materials transferring on a conveyor belt. 

Magnetic ferrous separation driving drum/pulley primarily application:

The permanent CZPT pulley is dual-objective tools employed for protection of crusher Jaws or other equipment and also for CZPT and focus of CZPT content from the mines. It has the widest software in meals, chemical, ceramic, paper, coal managing, foundry operation and mining market.

  • Recycling and Reclaiming:

Different ferrous from recyclables such as plastic, aluminum, glass cullet, wood chips, and crumb rubber.Take away ferrous from shredded medical squander and metal shot and little slag from foundry sand.Reclaim steel shot used in bead blasting for bridge maintenance and other programs.

  • Processing industries 

It is suited for software on automated production lines CZPT of uncooked materials in  plastics, sand, stone, fertilizer, cement, carbon, abrasives, glass, borings, grindings, pigments, grain, seed, cereal, sweet, sugar, espresso tile, ceramic, food, recycling, casting,  cereal, chemical, mining, CZPT industries and steel foundry industries, beside that it can be employed commonly for Iron ore Focus or Ferro Alloy remedy.

Specs for substantial depth CZPT head driving pulley/drum separator:

Features and Advantages for twin-objective CZPT ferrous elimination drum and pulleys 

  • Effortless to function and set up.Reduced maintenance,continuous, permanent and electrical power free
  • Boost CZPT purity of stop item in food.chemical.plastic and galss industries,Removing of iron contaminant part of all dimensions
  • Normally consist of large depth exceptional earth magnets.
  • Possibility of a second separation by using the CZPT pulley subsequent drum and overhead permanent CZPT separation
  • They are generally of stainless steel construction.
  • The width of the roller range for various magnets.

Packaging & Shipping

1.Packing:Export packing for rare earth ndfeb/ferrit CZPT drving and separation pulley

2.Delivery time: forty times after obtain the deposit

In order to give you the responsible quotation, pls kindly inform us the pursuing details:

one. What sort of materials you are going to offer with?

two.What is actually the measurement of the supplies?

3. What’s the creating capacity you are heading to accomplish?

  we can style and manufacture full magnetic  metal recovery(recycling) and elimination/separation system or device eddy existing non ferrous separator or any other piece of CZPT ferrous separation gear,beside these,we can also source air classification device and nomal conveying equipment to  meet your demands.

one.Full metal recovery(recycling) separation technique :

in zorba scraps recycling plant:get cleaneat and tidy aluminum flakes/scrap for furthure replica in plastic recycling sector: extracting tramp metal get PET pure plastic  flakes 

 in end-of-daily life autos and auto recycling business

 in stop-of-life domestic software recycling 

in glass recycling line get the pure glass cullet for bolle manufcature in steel slag scraps recycling processing plant 


2.Device equipments

  • Suspended in excess of-belt electromagnetic separator
  • Over-belt suspending CZPT separator
  • Magnetic block
  • Eddy current nonferrous(aluminum/copper/brass) separator
  • Magnetic push head pulley
  • Magnetic drum separator
  • Magnetic plate
  • Magnetic cone separator
  • Grate CZPT separator 
  • Magnetic CZPT chute 
  • transportation and managing program these kinds of as belt conveyor/trommel drum monitor/vibrator feeders 
  • other sorting type products:this kind of as zigzag air classifier


Most appropriate machine would be recomended to you in accordance to your informations.

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China Custom CZPT Iron Separation Conveyor Drum Pulley for Wholesale     with Great quality